Health & Safety


at Fun Factory Naas consider Health and Safety to be an integral part of our day to day business operations. As a result, we have policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our employees, contractors and clients.

As valued customers of Fun Factory Naas, we want to ensure that you are also part of our Health and Safety Management System. For your safety, we have a sign-in and sign-out procedure that you as a parent / guardian complete upon arrival. It is very important that you complete this process and sign-out upon your departure.

Supervision of your children while on site is also an important factor. This further strengthens our own supervision policies already in place at Fun Factory Naas.

In the event of a fire on the premises, all emergency exits are clearly marked and in good working order. On hearing the alarm, please ensure that you and your party make your way calmly to the fire assembly point located in the main car park as you leave the premises on your left hand side.